We are people people with the right skills


With a passion for businesses and a yen for adventures. Poindevster is meant to accompany nascent entrepreneurs through the different stages of their journey by providing them with the perfect team to make their lives easier, and their hyperventilation less frequent.

We act as a product team, for developing start-ups, by bringing in the needed expertise to match their very specific needs. We are your advisors on development, virtual reality, augmented reality primarily, in addition to pitching, go-to-market strategies, and pitch deck reviews. We also offer our personal networks to all of our clients, in different domains. 

Being start-up and tech junkies ourselves, we are aware of the necessities this challenge requires, and because of that we built a business that answers to two major hurdles entrepreneurs have to face: Affordability and Expertise.

Our services are affordable, and our contractors have undergone rigorous vetting. Our mission is to be the Yoda to every start-up endeavor.

Just get in touch with us. Let Poindevster help you launch your business.


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