Management Team 

Emna Ghariani - Chairman of the Board

If I had a superhero name, I would be the Blur .. always on the go.



Loud, energetic and relentless. I multitask when multitasking. Raised by nuns, educated by rednecks,  I always think on my feet.  I have experienced life at its worst and its best always with a positive edge. 

I know the ins and outs of the start up business on first name basis and I believe that unicorns are my calling in life. 

Things I can help you with: Networking, reviewing, public speaking, and references. 

I worked here: WeWork labs, Founder Institute, Wamda

Alma Mater: The University of Arkansas

Current location: San Francisco





Ramzi Maalej - CTO

Martial art means nothing to you but it will when you get to know me :)



An all encompassing guide to everything technical, fluent in development, and an avid learner.

I'm a senior IT consultant, having been thriving in the Big Apple, born and raised in the friendly land of Tunisia, growing in the beautiful land of Canada and currently working on the next big thing.. You’ll hear about it in the news. 

Things I can help you with: I’m here to analyze and interpret your data, optimize your software performances, track and evaluate your product's results. 

I worked here: JP Morgan, Macys, thought works

Alma Mater: University of Sherbrooke, McGill University

Current location: New York City




Ines Elloumi - Lead Engineer 

"I’d love to walk dogs for a living. But living wants me to run."

A software engineer, Tunisian by birth, Swiss by education. A combination of warmth and punctuality.

Not intimidated by jargons, I can handle it all from Physics to IT. 

Things I can help you with: I will be your guide in optimizing your business flow, simplifying your software and maximizing your purchases. 

I worked here: IBM, CERN, ABB

Alma Mater: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Current location: San Francisco

I’d love to walk dogs for a living. But living wants me to run.

Imen Soltani - Lead Creative

A full time copywriter with no appreciation to Bourbon and a part time designer/photographer. I concept advertising campaigns for a living, write headlines and develop content strategies for different platforms.

Things I can help you with: Content curation and development, flushing out concepts, Marketing, Advertising and Design. 

I worked here: Ogilvy & Mather NYC, Saatchi & Saatchi NYC

Alma Mater: Miami Ad School

Current location: New York  

Born and raised on the internet, haven’t gone viral.. yet

Soumaya Ben Beya - Lead BD

I live to plan. I like to be on top of everything, I have organized so many events I have actually lost count.

A business major, a Project management enthusiast and a networking professional. Business development is my area of expertise, I negotiate, sell and close, then I party. 

Things I can help you with: Business Development, Sales strategies, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

I worked here: Henkel, Founder Institute. 

Alma Mater: IHEC Tunis

Current location: Tunis

I think on my feet, I rarely wear shoes.

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